31 Aug
Download one of the most famous sets of all time

This reminds me of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones pulls the old switcheroo with the bag of sand, and first picks up that stone native talisman and holds it up all reverently, like he’s just found some sort of archaeological missing link. Well this is like that, except for music. It’s a July 7th, 1983 performance of New Order Live at The Paradise Garage, one of the most important clubs in the history of nightlife. The quality is surprisingly good, and really underscores how solid of a band New Order were (if you’re a big New Order fan, peep a Sounds article about the specific gig here). Their epic video clip for “Confusion” highlights this era, shot as the band party-hops though legendary New York clubs like The Paradise Garage and Funhouse. Extra points for the cameos by some great New York icons like Arthur Baker, the Twin Towers, and gays doing spinning ninja kicks. DOWNLOAD New Order Live at The Paradise Garage 1983 now, and enjoy the “Confusion” video below…

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  1. ANCB says:

    Always nice to see my rips and links being spread!

  2. Jerry says:

    I was at this show….great to stumble on it here and thanks for the UL.

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