18 Aug
Half stool, half tribute to graffiti culture

Cap is exactly what it looks like: a stool shaped like a spray can cap, the ultimate symbol of graffiti culture. Developed by the amazingly named underground Swedish design team Don’t Feed the Swedes, the duo had to re-form under their new moniker DFTS Factory to get the Cap into production. “We made a prototype of this stool a few years ago and had a massive response. People asking where they could buy it, who were Don’t Feed The Swedes…But getting it produced wasn’t easy. First up, the guys in suits thought it was ‘more fashion than design’. So we took it to the fashion folk — who loved it but didn’t know how to make furniture. So DFTS Factory was born and we made it ourselves…With Cap we want to pay homage to an artform and culture which has inspired and provoked thoughtful expression across the world: Graffiti. It’s an iconic tribute piece to the personalities and works which gives Cap its inspiration. We hope that you’ll use it as it was intended — to make your own lasting statement of individuality.” Made in Sweden out of recyclable MDPE plastic, the Cap can be shaken and popped for $300 (240 €).

One more image of the Cap after the Jump…

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