11 Aug
Tokyoflash's unique Kisai Traffic Watch

Japanese company Tokyoflash continues their run of unique, forward thinking wristwatches with their Kisai Traffic Watch. As is typical for the watchmaker, the Kisai Traffic watch uses an ingenious LED interface to tell time. Employing a city road map, it may not be the most easy-to-read watch face but it certainly will be one of the most unique. The city streets represent hours 1-12, the subway lines in orange showcase 5 minute intervals, and the highway lights in green display single minutes from 1-4. The Kisai Traffic Watch even uses an advanced charging mechanism, using a USB that can be connected to your computer. Each complete recharge only takes 3.5 hours, and lasts 1 entire month. Pick it up for only $170.

A couple more detail images, plus an explanatory graph of the interface, after the Jump…

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