3 Aug
Rohan Chhabra's "Hunter Jacket" plays both Hunter and Prey

We always dig the conflation of art and fashion, and Rohan Chhabra‘s “Hunter Jacket” certainly fits firmly in this category. The London-based industrial design graduate student designed a jacket that you can use for hunting, but designed it so it could be folded and snapped into the shape of a wall-mountable Ram’s head — the same prey you might hunt with the very said jacket. Part of his Emobdying Ethics project, “The objects question the Narrative of Production, its material, origin, manufacturing but also challenges the Narrative of Consumption, creating new interaction and social experiences. The focus of this work is to examine Designs ability to ask carefully crafted questions than just provide solution.” Hmmm…I don’t know about all that but I do think its quite the clever design. The Emobdying Ethics project also includes other pieces like the Cow Leg Trousers, leather pants that transform to fit the leg of a cow and a Sheep Organ Bag, a purse whose compartments are shaped like organs or innards of sheep, but the Hunter Jacket is by far the most creative.

Many more detailed mid-transformation shots and angles after the Jump…

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