For some reason I’ve had zombies on the brain — maybe its our trip to Comic Con, maybe its the zeitgeist. Maybe its that zombie-fleeing HDT M1030 motorcycle. Who knows. But if I’m gonna be running for zombies anytime in the near future, I want to be prepared. So in addition to the HDT M1030 bike I’m also going to want some handy tool to A) brain zombies if the situation requires; and B) fix a jam on my bike if need be. One option would be Brook & Hunter’s premium Mo-Tool Axe. Brook & Hunter build world class garden tools, but their premium Mo-Tool Axe has its eyes set on the camp ground, car, boat, RV and apocalypse survival pack as well. The Axe features a high quality hand-crafted red oak wooden handle, and is a multiple-tool-in-one package: screwdrivers, blades, knives, can opener, wire cutter, pliers, file, wrench, hammer — and of course hand axe (great for zombie bashing). A great tool for hunting, fishing, camping, survival and zombie hunting. Available from Amazon for $40.

4 Responses to “The Premium Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Survival and Zombie Hunting Combo Axe”

  1. Ila says:

    Great knife but where’s the small magnifying glass?

  2. Korky says:

    The wood (imitation?) makes it look cheap.

  3. Brah says:

    Its only 7 inches long. What are you supposed to do with a 7-inch long axe?

  4. Glen says:

    Also how useful is a hammer that’s 7 inches long?

    If your worried about the zombie apocalypse better you carry these tools separately.

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