4 Aug
Some of America's best films screened where they were set

I really love the  theme behind this multi-locale film festival titled the Rolling Roadshow, a nationwide tour of free outdoor 35mm screening experiences pairing some of America’s best films with the famous locations where they were shot or set. This year the theme is “We Are All Workers”, which ties into Levi’s brand recent marketing initiative. Partnering with Alamo Drafthouse, the idea is to champion some of cinema’s most celebrated workers. The films curated include Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood, the futuristic corporate nightmare of Paul Verhoven’s Robocop (personal favorite) and everyone’s favorite anti-Commie flick Red Dawn. Boxing epics like a Rocky marathon and Marlon Brando’s On the Waterfront. Dirty Harry, Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (shown at a pop-up drive-in at the Del Alamo Mall), The Blues Brothers and closing up the festival on August 27th arguably the best sequel ever (although I would argue Aliens), Francis Ford Copolla’s Godfather: Part II — which will screen from a rooftop overlooking New York’s Little Italy. Great idea, I just hope the execution matches the ambition.

Watch the trailer below, and hit the Jump for full list of films, screening schedules and locations…


AUG 6: Jackie Brown, Torrance CA

AUG 7: Dirty Harry, San Francisco CA

AUG 8: There Will Be Blood, Bakersfield CA

AUG 13: Convoy/Red Dawn, Las Vegas NM

AUG 14: Robocop, Detroit MI

AUG 19: Rocky-Thon, Philadelphia, PA

AUG 20: On the Waterfront, Hoboken NJ

AUG 27: The Godfather: Part II, Little Italy New York, NY

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