5 Aug
Marion Bataille's "Dix" coming soon

Of all the things we’ve ever posted here, Marion Bataille’s ABC3D pop-up book is easily among my favorites — and is one of the few things I’ve actually been motivated enough to go out, search for, and purchase. It really is that extraordinary, and giving it to my friend’s kid (whattup Felix!), and seeing him freak out brought me that kind of pure joy parents always talk about (and that my bachelor lifestyle is sadly devoid of). Well good news — Marion Bataille’s new book, titled Dix, should be out later this fall in France. As excited as I’d like to be for this release, however, the cleverness and variety of pop-up methods in Dix (or “10” in French) don’t seem to match the greatness of the ABC3D book. But hey whatcha gonna do — it’s only 10 pages long. There are much worse ways to learn to count to 10…

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