18 Aug
Maybe, if the Aston Martin Super Sport is even real (unlikely)

It’s hard to believe that the above car is for real, but apparently it is for real (although I’ll beleive it when I see it). According to GTSpirit, this is not an official Aston Martin, but rather a coachbuild project by Star Electric Cars France — a company best known for building golf carts shaped like high end luxury cars. They apparently build custom vehicles for presidents, kings and the obscenely wealthy, but their bread & butter are golf cars, which makes this story all the more dubious. The vehicle in question is the Aston Martin Super Sport, a mid-engined sports car powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.4 liter V8 generating upwards of 950bhp. It features a six-speed manual transmission, but a more common (by supercar standards) F1 paddle shift gearbox is available as well. Other amenities (allegedly) include Brembo ceramic brakes, carbon fiber bodywork, upward hinging “scissor” doors, a leather and alcantara-wrapped interior, Recaro seats, iPod-ready sat nav and a powder coated exhaust system. Now I’m not completely convinced that this Super Sport will ever see the light of day (as opposed to the pixel-generated renderings below), but if so the car is a serious doozy. Seeing as the coachbuilders are called Star Electric Cars, I wonder if there is a missing electric or hybrid component that has not yet been divulged, because otherwise there’s nothing revealed that could remotely justify its $9.7 million (€ 7,500,000) pricetag. Even if the car were made of carbon fiber from tailpipe to grill, windshield included, there’s just no way. If it is for real, part of me wonders if the executives just sit around an ivory and unicorn horn table, get really really high off a drug made from distilled tiger cub tears, and just make up incomprehensible numbers to see if Royal Saudi scions and Russian oil magnates will pay it. (The answer, of course, is yes.) If so, sounds like a fun game to me…

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