It’s no secret we love our booze here. Whether it’s a $90,000 Macallan Viscount Linley Case of scotch or simply a cheap ankle booze concealer, it’s important that we drink plenty and drink well. It is in this mindset that we bring you these Disposable Flasks, which you can pretty much bring anywhere your liver fancies. And because they’re so cheap, you can dump them if security starts to get a whiff of your grift. Unlike that expensive (yet handsome) Paul Smith flask, you won’t shed a tear if you have to dump one of these plastic flasks in a bush when security at the club or concert gives the pat-down much harder and closer than you anticipated. But since they fold flat and are fully flexible, you should be able to tuck your flask of Makers Mark safely away in nether groin regions where even bouncer hands won’t dare poke. Plus, since they’re plastic they won’t set off metal detectors. Each “flask” holds 7.5 oz of booze, with airtight lids to keep your spirit of choice well intact. Of all places, Restoration Hardware has a 3-pack for $15 (proving these aren’t just for broke college students), or go to Urban Outfitters for a Mylar version for $5.50 a piece.

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