12 Aug
adidas Originals x Star Wars “Han Solo” SL-72 Sneakers

Ok, we’ve done a lot of posts about the adidas Originals x Star Wars Fall/Winter 2010 Collection so far, and honestly we’re kind of over them. In fact we would’ve let this one slide if it wasn’t for the particularly inventive packaging for the shoe: it comes “frozen in carbonite” like Han himself in a well crafted silver shoe display. Pretty wicked. In addition, the adidas Originals x Star Wars “Han Solo” SL-72 sneaker also features a slew of other Han Solo details like his signature belt and the red sides of his pants going up the heel. There’s also “Han Solo 77” embossed on the side and a tongue. This is your big chance to be like Han, nerd, so pick them up at End for about $125 (£79).

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