6 Aug
Mansory's Linea Vincero d'Oro takes it one step too far

The problem Bugatti is having is that although their Veyron is absolutely world class, they’ve basically been pushing the same model for nearly a decade (longer if you count the concept). Sure they’ve changed colors, added polished aluminum, kitted it out with carbon fiber and cut off its roof, but in the end its just different varieties of that same Veyron — as remarkable as it obviously is. Someone’s even made a solid gold toy Veyron, and sold it for more than the actual car. Lucky for Bugatti, however, extreme luxury tuner Mansory likes to dabble in the fine arts of Molsheim. Last time Mansory did so was with their Linea Vincero edition — which added an improved aerodynamic trim package, new wheels, LED lighting, an extra 108 horsepower, and laced it throughout in carbon fiber. Of course those upgrades don’t come cheap — the Linea Vincero cost $1,000,000…over the Veyron’s $1.5 million sticker price. No wonder they limited production to 3. Now the German tuner has decided to upgrade even further, announcing the Linea Vincero d’Oro. Built on the foundation of the Linea Vincero, the Linea Vincero d’Oro now upgrades with copious gold, everywhere. The headlights, headlight washer nozzles, grill, wheels, door handles, gas cap, mirror housings, fender trim, roof and throughout the interior. Sure, understated it is not — but despite all the blinging gold, the carbon fiber (although highly polished) somehow manages to keep it looking like something a Russian oil oligarch would buy his stripper mistress. Ok, it actually looks exactly like something a Russian oil oligarch would buy his stripper mistress, but still not as garrish as it could be. So far Mansory’s Linea Vincero d’Oro has been limited to one edition, but more can be built…if the price is right, of course.

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