16 Aug
Ford revives its 1969 racing champion

In 1969 Ford unleashed the Boss 302 Mustang in order to compete in the then-popular Trans-Am racing series (and versus its arch-rival Penske Camaro Z28s), and unknowingly created one of the most coveted editions of the running pony in its illustrious history. The Parnelli Jones-driven Boss won the Trans-Am championship in 1970 (the last year the Boss 302 was made), cementing its place in racing lore. Now Ford has decided to revive the Boss nameplate with a limited edition run of re-tuned Mustangs. The new Boss 302 is designed to fit in the Mustang lineup between the GT 5.0 and the top tier GT500, its revised-intake engine tweaked to raise the 5.0L V8’s output from 412bhp to 440bhp. The Boss 302 loses 10 b-ft of torque, however, as it is configured for high-rpm race track speed in mind more so than off-the-line take-offs. As the Boss series were intended for both street and course racing, handling and suspension are held paramount. An upgraded clutch, 14” Brembo brakes, stiffer springs, larger diameter anti-roll bars, adjustable suspension and a “quad exit” exhaust setup — with 2 exhaust outlets out back and two on the side — are included. The exhaust can be switched for track days, allowing for much more aggressive exhaust notes out the sidepipes. The unique Ford dampers can be adjusted with a screwdriver as well, loosening them for highway driving and tightening them back up for course racing. Pirelli PZero tires with 19” rims are standard, and the car is available in 5 colors: Competition Orange, Performance White, Kona Blue, Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat, and Race Red. Interior-wise the Boss gets an 8-ball short shifter knob, Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, embroidered seats, custom badging and optional Recaro seats. No word yet on pricing, although the car should hit showrooms by next summer.

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  1. I think it’s my dream car:) What’s the lower possible gas consumption? In Europe gas is more expensive that in US, as i know.

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