18 Aug
GZA lifts the curtain on the greatest hip hop crew of all time

Damn, this looks like must-see TV for any die hard Wu-Tang Clan fan. Compiled and directed by Wu Tang luminary GZA, this 10 years in the making documentary seems to be the video that no one could make except for someone so integral to the crew. Who else would Wu let hold a camera to their faces while they argue about everything from underpaid royalties to who gets to go on stage during a show? Nevermind that the GZA has always been the most level-headed of the crew, it’s clear the Genius could be the only guy who wouldn’t get socked in the face during one of the Wu’s now-famous intra-squad battles. Wu-Tang Revealed looks like you’ll learn perhaps all too much about the secret mechanics of the greatest rap group in history (Rae Vs. U-God grudge match?), with plenty of behind-the-scene footage, and even some lost film of the late great Ol Dirty Bastard (RIP ODB). Looks like a true Wu banger…

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