7 Sep
Golly Pods by Tend Living and Jason Xavier Lane

Some very interesting retro-futuristic planter concepts called Golly Pods, made as a collaboration between Tend Living and Bells & Whistles‘ Jason Xavier Lane. These wooden sculptures are like terrariums more than pots, and with a clever eye — and proper access to succulents — you could convert your house into the backdrop of some 1950’s B movie space thriller. Although these prototypes are made of wood, the idea is when they go into production they will be cast in ceramic.

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  1. Maribel Lobe says:

    Hey… It looks like there’s a problem with the way your site is displaying. For some reason the text block is getting mixed with the border. Is this just me or have other people mentioned this? Just wanted to let you know in case you’ve been updating the site. Thanks! Maribel Lobe

  2. Madman Mundt says:

    Thank you so much for the notice Maribel! I have not found this to be the case, nor has anyone else notified us, but I’ll keep a look out for it and test it out on other browsers. Please let me know if this problem persists, and if possible explain exactly how the text is getting “mixed” with the border, I’m not exactly sure what you mean – thanks so much!

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