20 Sep
OriginTimes goatskin-lined testament to opulence

Who’s got time to wind 16 timepieces individually? That’s a whole lot of wrist-turning. If you have 16 watches — and $100,000 (€75,000) lying around — then you’ll wanna pick up OriginTimes ridiculous Bugatti engine-block derived watch winder. Utilizing the Bugatti Veyron’s 16 cylinder engine, each goatskin-lined piston chamber fits and winds its own watch. The German-made winder also contains a small touch panel controller and color-coded LED lighting system that illustrates the operational modes of each watch winder. Why you’d need the world’s most powerful engine to wind 16 watches is beyond me, but if you’ve got the money for 16 watches then something tells me going overboard is the least of your problems.

2 Responses to “Bugatti 16-Cylinder Engine Watch Winder”

  1. Kdog says:

    What a fucking waste. That’s not even clever. engine block watch timer… why not make a stuffed gorilla banana peeler, made from real endangered silverback, or a diamond lined colostomy bag.


  2. Bill says:

    Common, is not that bad. Some Bugatti enthusiasts would appreciate it, I’m not one of them, but i have to say that i like it as well, but only without the stand and you can also use it as a spare part for your Bugatti super car :D

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