14 Sep
Canon's G line finally gets HD video

The Canon PowerShot G10 was the first point-and-shoot that captured images comparable to digital SLR cameras, and changed the life of many a photographer. Its G11 successor caused less buzz, mostly because it came with fewer megapixels (although with a better processor) and inexplicably no HD video. Considering many lower Canons (like the SX200 IS) came with HD video, the decision by Canon seemed greedy at best. Now the G12 is here, and it has at least alleviated the issue with 720p HD video. It also adds new features like Hybrid IS for image stabilized close-ups, SDXC compatibility and perhaps best of all a new HDR mode that takes three different exposures of the same scene and combines them in-camera, allowing for top quality low light photographs. It goes on sale in October for $500, just like the G10 and G11 before it.

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