24 Sep
Because your falcon deserves to be blinded by diamonds

Falconeering is the sport of kings. In many cultures, the falcon is an auspicious sign of luck and wealth, and they maintain a heralded position in religions across the world — from the Egyptian god of Horus to the North American Plains Indians, who believed falcons were the only animal who knew the location of the hole in the sky through which to reach God. So I ask you this: if these animals are so divine and spiritual, why on Earth would be demean them by making them wear such ridiculous hoods as the above? That’s the question to ask Italian artisan Giancarlo Pirrotta and goldsmithers Tiroler Goldschmied, who have fashioned these diamond studded hoods for falconers worldwide. As Tiroler Goldschmied explains, “Every hood is one-of-a-kind piece and designed according to individual ideas. We will gladly engrave your handwritten signature, personal initials, or coat of arms on your diamond-studded falconry hoods.” Its not that the work of Giancarlo Pirrotta is pedestrian — if I were lucky enough to own a falcon, I’d probably hit up homeboy for a well-crafted hood myself. But if you own a falcon, isn’t that enough notice to the world that you are indeed a bad ass? Must you really get Tiroler Goldschmied to lace out your ostrich leather hood with copious diamonds and gemstones? I think not, my friend, I think not. Many new hood styles will be unveiled September 22nd at the upcoming Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, and they range in price from about  $6,500 to $55,000 (€5,000 to €40,000).

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