23 Sep
100% blue agave tequilas from the Jalisco Highlands

Espolon Tequila returns stateside after several years of market absence, and the comeback is welcomed. Brewed at the Saint Nicolas Distillery, what many consider the Best Factory in Mexico, the tequila comes in both blanco and reposado expressions. Made from 100% blue agave in the treasured soil of the Jalisco Highlands, Espolon boasts a longer roasting process and a longer distilling time than other distilleries. The reposado is aged over six months in barrels, and that’s noteworthy given it’s twice as long as most other tequilas and yet is reasonably priced at about $25 a bottle. I’m a sucker for good packaging, however, and Espolon’s short, stout bottles labeled with copious Day of the Dead illustrations would look good on any wet bar.

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