27 Sep
Adding a touch of mortality to every meal

Are you a self-professed chef? Is your kitchen cluttered with spices and ingredients for that totally kick ass meal you saw on No Reservations? Have you ever wanted to tidy up said kitchen, and combine your ingredients with the aesthetic handsomeness of collectible art? Well then Helen Altman‘s Skulls series is right up your alley. She takes common grains and spices — everything from Millet and Rice to Lavender and Anisseed to Juniper Berry and Fennel Seed to Bamboo and Balsam Fir — and molds them into human skull-shaped works of art. Sure it’s a tad morbid, but perhaps cooking is the best time to contemplate one’s mortality — a perfect opportunity to contemplate the brevity of existence, adding a level of appreciation and awareness of the meal you are about to consume that only the hovering shadow of death can bring.

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