I’ll be honest with you — I am NOT one of those people that delights in commercials showing babies acting like adults, or talking, or doing any of that bullshit. In fact I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of babies in general — I feel very frightened around their tender heads, like I’ll accidentally sneeze on them or trip and knock down their high chair. All in all, I’m just not a big fan. Sorry. But this Iron Baby video is awesome, as should be expected from the ever more impressive Patrick Boivin (you might remember his brilliant AT-AT Day Afternoon video, as well as its Making of short documentary). What’s there not to like about Iron Man in infant form, using his handblasters on a small squadron of stuffed bunnies? Kudos Boivin and 3D animator Strob, you’ve made me respect baby videos. Says Strob of the process:

“I just finished all the 3D (modeling, Texturing, animation, Fx etc.) in 3dsMax 2011 and rendered with Vray, for this very short fake trailer I did just for fun with my friend Patrick Boivin who had the idea, did the live shooting, direction and compositing in Adobe After Effects. We wanted to see the technical level we could reach together. I used CAT for the animation. The first landing shot was done by camera projection (we had just a photo for the background and a fire footage). I created all my HRDI images for the reflection using a fisheye lens. It took me alot of time to model the whole Iron Baby suit. I first model the real Iron Man and then deformed it to baby proportions.”

This Boivin guy is starting to irritate me. If he creates a video of kittens napping that’s so good I have to post it, I will voluntarily relinquish all artistic credentials…

Iron Baby from Strob on Vimeo.

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