15 Sep
Hasn't he done enough to make the average man look half-assed?

Damn that Jack White! Can’t he just leave shit be? Does he have to be cutting edge in every damn thing he does, making the rest of us look ineffectual and doodling? Turns out today he announced that The Dead Weather’s new single, “Blue Blood Blues” will be issued in the previously unheard of Triple Decker Record format. What’s that, you ask? It means the 12″ version of the single will be embedded with a secret, never-before-released 7″ vinyl, which can only be heard once the 12″ record is disassembled and the 7″ is removed from inside of it. Admittedly, that’s pretty inventive. Designed and trademarked by White himself, the Triple Decker Record will be available this Friday (September 17) in a limited edition of 300 copies — 100 of which will be on-sale at the Third Man Records store in Nashville, and the remainder available randomly through mail order and at select brick and mortar vinyl dealers worldwide. For those not lucky enough to find one of those 300 special vinyls, an alternate 7” version of “Blue Blood Blues” with a double-sided cover will be available, with b-side “Jawbreaker” performed live. Hasn’t Jack White done enough to make the average man look half-assed? Is this really necessary?

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