7 Sep
Or are these adidas Originals by Originals really Cross Trainers?

Man, Jeremy Scott must love designing shoes, as it seems every week he drops another in his adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Collection. These poorly named “Cross Trainers” are part of the Fall/Winter 2010 series, and are 11 hole boots made of premium black leather and a rugged outsole. Cross Trainers? Not so much, they seem much more like combat boots to me. Of course it wouldn’t be Jeremy Scott if it totally lacked flair, so Mr. Scott embroidered a large gold cross to the tongue. Not nearly as ostentatious as his Marble Wings or Penguin Shoes, which is a welcome thing.

2 Responses to “Jeremy Scott vs. adidas Combat Boots”

  1. TheGoddamnBatman says:

    Yes, those are combat boots. Well, actually GSG9 assault boots. Originally designed for Germany’s GSG9 Counter-Terrorist unit who were looking for a rugged, lightweight boot to wear while shooting terrorists in the face.
    I kind of want to rage at Mr. Scott for Slapping that cross on whar are a pair of otherwise badass shoes… oh well, it might go well while wearing a “Pork Eating Crusader” patch….

  2. ZUL says:


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