9 Sep
Premium luggage from the best of Japan and the UK

Last month we noted that luxury Japanese label mastermind JAPAN was planning on shuttering its doors in 2013, which definitely bums us out. Hence we’ll probably be pretty quick to report on all their latest offerings — including these 21″ and 30″ suitcases done with premium UK luggage makers Globe-Trotter (who made that Attaché Briefcase for Future Collectibles). Like that attache briefcase, the design is clean and minimal, using mastermind JAPAN’s standard all black premium leather for the body, with their label’s signature skull motif all over the interior lining, luggage tags and engraved in a thick metal tag on the front. At $370 ($31,280 Yen), not a bad price for mastermind JAPAN.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy this suitcase? I’ve contacted every distributor on the JM website and nobody carries it.

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