23 Sep
Scooter E concept to be unveiled at the Paris Auto Show

It makes sense that MINI, makers of the beloved Cooper mini-rocket, are jumping into the scooter pool — and making them electric. Electric scooters are set to become a huge worldwide market, and MINI has the pedigree, BMW quality engineering and brand clout to be taken seriously. Set to debut three versions of its new Scooter E concept October 2nd at the upcoming Paris Auto Show, all 3 bikes have a definitive “retro” look, with one in particular heavily modeled after classic Lambretta and Vespa scooters — icons of the classic Mod look. The bikes are internally identical however, with a 62 mile range engine capable of over 30 mph. Perhaps the coolest twist to the MINI Scooter E concepts are their dashboards, which integrate an iPhone docking station next to the speedometer which allows your phone to act as navigation system, stereo, hands-free mobile phone and best of all ignition key.

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