16 Sep
Girls go literally crazy for Muscles

Modular Records‘ raved-out It boy from a couple years ago, Muscles, is back with a new EP, Younger & Immature, due October 29. Back in 2007 we took Muscles out to lunch at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in Hollywood for the magazine we were running at the time, mostly because we thought it would be funny. And who doesn’t like fried chicken piled on top of waffles? Muscles, apparently. He just sort of sat there, poked the foodstuffs in front of him with a grimace and looked at us like we were insane — much like he looks at the end of the video below. I thought he was kinda weird then, and this clip does nothing to change that thought. “Girl Crazy Go” is the first single on the anticipated followup to his 2007 debut album Guns Babes Lemonade, and although it borrows very heavily from the Greatest Video of All Time it definitely takes things in its own direction, if not a bit too crazy of a direction…

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