You know those advent calenders your parents would give you around Christmas time — if you’re Christian, that is? The cardboard paper ones with hidden boxes that you’d open, and there’d by like a chocolate in there or a decoder ring or some other cereal-box-level prize? Well Porsche just designed one, only this one costs $1,000,000 and instead of inch-tall plastic angels this one comes packed with jaw-dropping gifts. Behind the calendar’s 24 windows (one for every day in December leading up till Christmas Eve) — presented on aluminum plates and immaculately lit by light bars — are such surprises as 18 carat yellow gold sunglasses, fine writing tools, cufflinks, Bounce:S² premium running shoes, limited edition leather blousons made from hand-woven lambskin nappa, and an  assortment of cowhide French Classic luggage pieces. But that’s just for starters — behind its brushed aluminum panels hide 3 gifts of absurd opulence: a Porsche Design Kitchen, which is a fully customizable modular kitchen made of aluminium, wood and glass. Then there’s the Swiss-made Porsche Design Indicator wristwatch in rosé gold made by Eterna. The first chronograph to have a mechanical-digital stopwatch display, the P´6910 Indicator is equipped with one of the most complex serially-produced wristwatch movements in the world. And the true kicker? The advent calender comes with a 8.5 meter motor yacht designed by the Porsche Design Studios. The motor boat features a custom-made teak sole interior, adjustable ergonomically upholstered sporting bucket seats, and a 525 HP Mercury engine with a top speed of 148 km/h. Of course if you’re buying a $1 million Advent Calender, you want to make sure not every jerkoff millionaire from Dubai to Russia is going to be buying their mistress the same gift, so Porsche is only making 5 of these incredibly limited edition calenders — one for each continent (seeing as people live on 6 continents, something’s a bit off with Porsche’s math). Well one for every continent but Africa—  they just don’t deserve a calender like this.

via ZerCustoms

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