23 Sep
What happens when you free the biggest fanboy oeuvre of all time

Last year former Vimeo developer named Casey Pugh announced his project Star Wars Uncut. The idea was simple, but oh-so-grand in execution: break up Star Wars — the biggest and most untouchable fanboy epic of all time — into 15 second partitions and let sci-fi nerds from across the globe claim these chunks of immortal cinema and remake them however they see fit. Then, have this same vast communion of intellectual brawn vote on the best version of each section, and edit them all together. Voila, you have Star Wars Uncut. Long story short, it’s been the biggest crowdsourcing project nerddom has ever seen. Finally the film is done, and after negotiating some briefly tenuous legal waters is finally being screened across the country. The results are hilarious, with some 15 second spots looking almost professional, while others look about as amateur as Hardware Wars (anyone remember that flick on the proto-HBO days?). There’s even Lego animation sequences (possibly by the same team that made Death by Tray). It truly is Nerd Crowdsourcing at its frightening best.

Watch a 5-minute section of the The Escape below, and if you love it hit the link and watch Star Wars Uncut in its entirety...

Star Wars Uncut “The Escape” from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

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