21 Sep
Three new plush dolls from Murakami

Three new plush dolls from Takashi Murakami have hit Colette recently (I included the Rainbow Flower above only because he’s so rad). The Frazzled collection of stuffed plush toys include “Kaikai”, “Kiki” and “Mr Dob” from Murakami’s iconic superflat series, and have to be just about the perfect gift for any baby shower (check out a quick video of Murakami’s current exhibit at Chateau de Versailles). The toys are produced by Murakami’s own Kaikai Kiki brand, and of course they don’t come cheap — prices range from about $70 (for the Kaikai puppet, bottom left) to $550 for the large Flower cushion (bottom right). Find them all at colette.

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  1. Nikki Palace says:

    there is a murakami flower without a home somewhere out there…

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