Ikonoskop’s A-cam dII promises to revolutionize amateur film-making with manifold advances. It is the only digital video camera providing totally uncompressed images in RAW format — meaning images are completely uncompressed. The idea being that the A-cam dII captures pure high-resolution images, and lets your computer do the necessary processing afterward. Its size is also highly convenient, weighing less than 1.5 kilos it is arguably the smallest professional digital motion picture camera on the market. It records 1920 x 1080 pixels at a rate of 240MB/second — at almost twice the speed of other memories, Ikonoskop also claims the A-cam dII camera has the fastest memory in the world. One 80 GB Ikonoskop Memory Cartridge (included) has a capacity of 17 minutes of footage, audio and metadata. What makes the A-cam dII even more adaptive is the fact that its Super-16-sized sensor opens up the camera to be used with Super-16 mm lenses, enabling one to employ the best cine and prime lenses available. While Ikonoskop is not a household brand, they are not upstarts in the industry either — the sensor and technology around the A-cam dII is built on the knowledge and experience from their professional A-cam SP-16 motion picture camera. Of course the A-cam dII ain’t cheap, but at $8,900 (€6,950) it’s also not out of range for most budding filmmakers.

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