23 Sep
Noga Berman's cat friendly furniture

You know how cats like to crawl into small spaces and get all cute like? I’m not sure what the appeal is — maybe some primitive protection instinct, or just that proverbial curiosity that will eventually be every cat’s undoing. It is this instinct that inspired Israeli designer Noga Berman to invent her Tunnel collection, a series of furniture that explores the private places inside of household furniture. As Berman explains, “I created a human-scale object that can be used for lying down, sitting and storage. The technique of wrapping elastic bands creates tunnels, a perspective space, and peek holes. Thus, the user can choose his personal way of using the furniture.” While I can’t really see the point of this, I do think the chair would make a great impromptu napping spot in an emergency. Who knows — maybe that’s why cats like hidden spots. Napping.

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