7 Oct
Taschen's Favourite Hotels doesn't disappoint

There aren’t many publishers who you could trust more with this project, and Taschen’s Favourite Hotels tackles the challenge expertly — covering 72 of their favourite favorite resorts around the globe. A compilation of the worlds most exotic, charming and luxurious hotels, this book lists them all — whether you are looking for a sophisticated modern hotel glimmering amongst city lights, a small cozy Inn nestled in a rural area, or an entirely new experience in an exotic country.  The dense 448 page coffeetable book is flush with pages full of everything from five star hotels that most of us could only  wish to check into to charming smaller locations costing only $40/night. In the end, most anyone can find a hotel to suit their personal taste and budget. Some of the exotic locations covered include Spielweg in Germany’s Black Forest, the Boddhi Tree Del Gusto, even Richard Gere’s famous Bedford Post in upstate New York. If you’re seeking a bit more of adventure check out the Remota, surrounded by lakes, mountains and glaciers in the Chilean Patagonia — or perhaps the Knai Bang Chatt in Kep Cambodia. Edited by Angelika Taschen and written by Christiane Reiter, Taschen’s Favourite Hotels is for the traveler and explorer within us all, and with a $40 well within our budgets as well. A great book to plan and dream up your next getaway.

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