8 Oct
More than just an eco-friendly bicycle

Bringing a whole new meaning to green living, while trying to creatively find ways to reduce your carbon footprint, the Bamboocycle has it all. The body is constructed of bamboo, a material that Mexico City designer Diego Cardenas found to be most ecologically efficient. “Bamboo is a biodegradable & renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested, as it grows quickly and naturally without much maintenance,” Cardenas explains. The bamboo is all grown in Veracruz and carefully chosen to ensure quality pieces are used for the cycles. Throughout the more conscious “green” wave we’ve had in the past decade, bamboo has become a serious boom — spotted amongst many new products within the last few years from paper to soft tshirts to tube socks. I guess it was only in due time that the boom of bike riding as the choice of public commute fused with the eco-friendly trend of biodegradable materials. The lightweight frame also comes in an array of colors to suit your personal style and preference. Whether  you’ve replaced your vehicle with a bicycle or simply need one to safely ride home buzzed from your local watering hole, the Bamboocycle is the perfect way to pedal in style…

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