29 Oct
Scare the crap out of kids, be a hero to goths everywhere

Since we’re coming right up on Halloween, we figured we’d suggest this ridiculously terrifying outfit for trick or treating. Why wouldn’t you want to be Frank the Bunny? Lifted from the dark as fuck cult-horror film Donnie Darko, it’s a win win: you can scare the crap out of the neighborhood kids, and simultaneously be the instant hookup for that drunk girl at the Halloween party who works at the coffeeshop. You know you’ve had your eye on her for awhile, so go for it tiger. Me personally, I can’t even stand looking at it. People have been carrying a strange love for the film for years, so methinks it’s just retro enough to bring back. The costume includes the plush coveralls with attached gloves and the mask. Ugh. $150

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