This isn’t the first time Greece is for Lovers put their ever creative touch on a skateboard — remember their Tougher Than Leather skateboard sandals (and Zeus letter openers at that)? Their designs are always playful but undoubtedly top notch — much like those Hookers’ Delight Martini glasses, you know we loved those. Well now that delightful design collective that live on top of the Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece are at it again with Claymate, a new skateboard design. But what makes Claymate special is that they’re made entirely of ceramic, forged from tangerine clay found in the natural clay beds around Athens. How sweet is that? Even though the surface is designed with a classic black and white Grecian pattern, I wouldn’t temp the Skateboard Gods by actually trying to kickflip this thing. You might end up more shattered than Medusa’s last J-date.

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