8 Oct
Pope Design's Mobile Wind Turbine on the move

Having a stationary wind turbine standing on land or in water to generate clean energy is a matter of the past. It’s now time to witness a new source of energy from mobile wind turbines. Pope Design’s Mobile Wind Turbine is a unique turbine that can be transported and easily set up by one person. An electric traction motor powers each wheel of the large transporter, and in case it requires extra power or the batteries are drained the diesel generator automatically starts, allowing the vehicle to continue its transport. The high performance lightweight thermoplastic tower is not only incredibly durable, but also light enough for easy mobility. This wind turbine can be used to power small businesses, military purposes, schools or even massive temporary events like concerts and conventions — especially ones in remote rural areas. If Pope Design’s project can be developed, having sustainable electricity generated nearly anywhere (assuming, of course, there’s wind) won’t be a problem.

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