12 Oct
Paw! and Noop return...in fiberglass bust form

Brought to you by Coarse toys, the artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk have come up with something that gives their toy collectors something new to look forward to, “Eyes of Fear”. We already loved their False Friends, and emptied our coffers for the Blackout Editions, so it’s no surprise we’d love these life-size fiber glass busts of Noop and Paw!. For those of you who have not followed the series, these characters are from the False Friends in Pain series, where Noop and Paw! amongst many others are represented in unfortunate results from violence. Designed with wounds and blood, they give these toys a more morbid feel than Coarse’s usual toys. But now for the first time, these busts are available as more of an artistic showcase. In a classic “pain” color palette and finished off with a high gloss coat, the high attention to detail make these statues worth every penny for the obsessed collector. You can pre-order Noop in 2 days (October 14th) and Paw will be available for you to pre-order by December 8th 2010, retailing for $566 a pop through Coarsehkg.

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