6 Oct
Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin remake a classic

I can’t help it. I got a funny feeling this new Coen brothers True Grit is gonna be the best movie I’ve ever seen. It’s a gut thing. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched a trailer and had such a yearning to be in the dark theater, immediately, watching the movie. That’s how I feel every time I watch this trailer. And I’ve watched it about fifteen times. So far.

I sent it to my dad, the Universe’s #1 John Wayne fan (I dare anyone else in the Universe to challenge this), to get his expert opinion. He was more diplomatic than I expected, only stating: “I think the cast is good but I just can’t imagine anybody but John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.” You heard it here first people. Well, maybe not first but you heard it here also.

In any case, I’m excited as hell to see this movie. I mean, Matt Damon can do no wrong, Jeff Bridges is the man, Josh Brolin seems like he has some weird ass teeth going on (his teeth = Javier Bardem’s No Country For Old Men hairdo perhaps), and the Coen brothers know how to make a goddamn motion picture. I can’t wait to sink into the seat and let this thing wow me. My gut says it’ll be so.

True Grit opens Christmas Day in the US.

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