26 Oct
Get your Daft Punk MEDICOM toys in 2 different flavors

The long awaited film TRON:Legacy boasts a soundtrack that is equally as anticipated, penned by robotic Parisian super-duo Daft Punk. To promote this buzz-in-an-echo-chamber partnership, the electro maestros have teamed up with MEDICOM TOY to create 2 series of collectible toys. You have a choice between the Kubrick set, if you prefer the ubiquitous Lego-style toys, or the RAH (Real Action Hero) set if you enjoy more of an action figure style. The latter more accurately resemble the futuristic duo in sporting the TRON space gear and trademark Daft Punk helmets, and although not nearly as cool as those Daft Punk vs. Medicom Action Figures, they’re still pretty rad. The TRON x Daft Punk x MEDICOM TOY TRON: Legacy Collection are said to officially launch in April of 2011, yet one more thing to look forward to.

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