15 Oct
Joshua Ben Longo's "So Hush You Little Ones" Belgian exhibit

We loved Joshua Ben Longo’s work so much when we first saw it, we knew we needed to show the world (peep the feature and interview, it’s well worth it). Since then Longo’s made a widely played European commercial villainizing cell phone rates, and now he’s having a major exhibition in Belgium which opens November 3rd (runs till Nov 25). “This new body of work was made to recreate that blinded excitement when you enter a toy store, or the first time you go to the zoo.,” Joshua explains. “My intentions have always been to create a world, but this time I wanted the work to imply a function and or ritual which is otherwise unknown to the viewer. It attempts to suggest a social narrative for the creatures which inhabit the space. A narrative with traditions, customs, and its own mythology. In previous shows I have established an aesthetic through form, material, and overall expression using humanoids and monsters. This show will take you further down the Longoland monster hole.” If you’re in Antwerp on November 3rd, or pretty much the whole month till November 25th, stop by the RA Gallery and see his work with your own 2 eyes…cause that’s 2 more eyes than many of his monsters have.

A preview of some Longo monsters below, plus address and gallery times after the Jump…

kloosterstraat 13
2000 antwerp
ph: +32 (0) 3292 3780
wed-sat: 11:00 – 19:00  sun: 11:00 – 18:00
info [at] ra13 [dot] be

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