19 Oct
The most luxurious croquet set ever

Ever dream of having the most luxurious croquet set that you could splurge on? Do you demand to have your balls whacked by the best? Well then you’re in luck, as famed London luxury goods firm Dunhill now offers the ultimate gentleman’s croquet set, using only the finest wood and leather detailing. At a steep price of about $6,000, the four-player professional grade set comes in a handmade mahogany chest secured with saddle leather straps. Of course, the chest would be designed to fit perfectly in your Bentley or Rolls-Royce, naturally, but is conspicuously missing an ascot and monocle sheath. The handles are made from hickory wood and covered in luxurious Dunhill leather, while the solid wooden balls come with a special black leather Dunhill case along with matching clips and markers. Rounding out this most exclusive set, the hoops are made of solid cast iron.

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