15 Oct
Lernert and Sander's unique window installations at Selfridges

Dutch design duo Lernert and Sander have reinvented ordinary household items into fabulous fashion displays. “We wanted to turn stock items into startlingly smart footwear,” they explain. “A humorous take on fashion as an ideal escape from the daily grind.” Utilizing dishwashers, dustbusters, sinks, brooms and sewing machines, these domestic appliances are remodeled into the likeness of high end shoes to launch the London Selfridges new ‘Shoe Galleries’. The infamous fashion boutique is notable for often carrying innovative and cutting edge fashion lines, and thus it is to no surprise that Selfridges would use such an artistic display to decorate their store front — even if the art is made of the most mundane everyday apppliance. These eleven sculptural installations now on display will run through until the beginning of November 2010 .

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