28 Oct
For the wannabe Latte Lumberjack in all of us

I’ll admit I’m getting a little tired of the Latte Lumberjack look permeating the streets of Venice, Silverlake, Echo Park and the entire planet of Brooklyn. Now while I totally dig legitimate Americana apparel, I think going overboard and entirely re-making yourself to look like a lumberjack while you pedal your fixie around Williamsburg is just plain retarded. This ain’t Halloween kids, no need to wear a uniform. Oh, wait a second — it is Halloween, my bad. Just in time then come these Halloween Ski Masks,the best of which will let you emulate that Starbucks Woodsman look you’ve been wanting to bite oh so hard. Other options include a squid, panda bear and walrus, just in case you find being a lumberjack too fucking obvious. All available for $28.

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  1. Adam says:

    So your options are lumberjack, Cthulhu, Robert smith or Jamie Hyneman? How niche!

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