One of the most beautiful structures ever seen by my own eyes, the Astronomical Clock Tower in Prague’s Old Town Square just celebrated its 600th Anniversary. Part of the celebration included a visual mapping ceremony on the Tower’s facade that is, simply put, mindblowing. We’ve covered some amazing video mapping here before and are big fans of the art, but this time artist Macula took it to another level. Pealing the bricks off the Clock Tower’s face, one sees the gears of the clock in motion. Then the visuals take you through a brief history of what the Tower witnessed in its native Czech Republic. If you’ve ever been to Prague you’ve seen the hourly Walk of the Apostles show the clock displays, which includes dancing skeletons and apostles, all mechanized by a genius clockmaker Hanuš more than half a millennium ago. As the famed story goes, the king the Tower’s Orloj was constructed for was so amazed by the masterpiece he had Hanuš eyes taken out so he could never build a similar piece anywhere else. Now that’s royal appreciation.

If you’re at all into video mapping, check out the mindblowing clip after the Jump…ˆ

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

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