22 Oct
Sustainable solar-powered energy via stylish panels

A new creation by SMIT, Solar Ivy are solar panels arranged to resemble ivy growing on historic buildings. Besides adding a unique texture and aged grace to an otherwise bland facade, the thousands of panels capture sustainable solar energy to power the building. The way most solar energy works is the massive panels capture a fraction of solar light, but by covering the building entirely with these small 8″ by 10″ foliage panels, it increases the efficiency and chances of capturing more sunlight. The sides of the buildings are covered in a mesh materiel and then thousands of “leaves” are attached to the building, arranged in a particular pattern so as each “leaf” does not shadow another one. Perfect for apartment buildings with limited direct sunlight, you can cover two to three walls of a two-story building for $40,000 to $60,000. Seeing as that’s no chump change, with high demands of ivy panels, prices are estimated to drop sooner then later — adding a new and innovative chance to really go green.

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