Ahhhh, the Yo-Yo — the treasured toy once found in Cracker Jack boxes and penny machines of people from days before color TV (yes, internet generation, those days existed). Well those were no match for this Nostalgia Yo-Yo, modeled after the 2007 World Champion model. Designed by the champion himself, Japanese master Yo-Yoer Shinobu Konmoto, a great amount of detail has gone into creating the ultimate yo-yo…which it better have, considering its $5,000 pricetag (¥400,000). Sure each yo-yo is handmade from start to finish, but I still have serious doubts that any yo-yo that doesn’t grant wishes could possibly cost anything more than $20. A profound love for yo-yos, a huge desire to collect these stringed toys, and a missing chromosome is all you’ll need to cough up the dough to afford one. And if you have all of the above, just let it be known that it takes 6 months to arrive at your doorstep. It’ll be a good half year till you can play with your yo-yo.

via Design Blog :: SPGRA

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