11 Oct
Sam O'Hare's Tilt-Shift film "Coachelletta"

Using the magic of Tilt-Shift photography, filmmaker Sam O’Hare captured all the awesomeness (OK, some of it) of the Coachella Music Festival in his short video Coachelletta. As O’Hare says in an interview for Aero Film, “I like the serendipity of occasionally finding people doing interesting things, like the girl doing the hula hoop and the guy dancing in the glowing stick figure outfit. You just see these little unplanned events and shoot them, and that’s the fun of the thing, it makes it quite like a documentary in that respect. I also like the night shots in this – I did a lot of long exposures for these shots, up to two seconds, and so for some of those night shots you kind of get a blur and a shiver to the footage because the boom was actually moving in the wind.” Does it compare to being at Coachella for that magical weekend? No. Does it work to give you a bit of the goosebumps from waxing nostalgic? A bit.

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