22 Oct
Malibu Cowboy Sheep Skin Boots for all your Yak-tipping needs

Malibu Cowboy Sheep Skin Boots are the weapons of footwear choice if you’re looking for something comfortable, warm and authentic to go Yeti hunting with in the peaks of Nepal. Using only the highest quality sheep skin from the animals at the designer’s privately owned ranch, each of these boots are carefully handmade. Besides having a headscratchingly bizarre name (are there Malibu Cowboys, and do they hike around in snow boots?) the boots are based around a traditional Birkenstock sole for easy wear and support. The boots may come with some aesthetic flaws from time to time, but with a sheerskin construction is it nearly inevitable — plus flaws just add a certain character, making them feel more authentic and home made. Flawed or not, these boots are a necessity for anybody who lives in a cold climate..or who just enjoy a solid night of Yak tipping. Find them through bidders for $830.

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