15 Oct
For the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Outreach

Preservation Hall Jazz Band has recently collaborated with legendary Tom Waits to create a limited edition 78 RPM record, with only 504 copies available to the public. All proceeds of the record will be going towards the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Outreach Program, which is devoted to teaching kids between the ages of 9 and 15 in New Orleans the fundamentals of jazz and music — the very things that have brought this city to life. The 78 record features classic songs, re-recorded with Mr. Waits, from the Mardi Gras Indian Chants. Songs such as ” Tootie Ma Was a Big Fine Thing” and “Corrine Died on The Battle Field,” originally recorded by Danny Barker in 1947. The first 100 records will be sold along with a custom one-of-a-kind 78 record player, for a higher donation towards the cause. If you wish to buy a record chances on getting your hands on one are slim — they will be sold in person on location in New Orleans November 19th, and the remainder or the copies will be sold online the following day through Preservation Hall.

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