21 Oct
Oct. 23 and Sunday Oct. 24 at the 1988 Gallery

A New York-based artist constructs his own streetsigns with personified messages, and embeds them into the urban environment — sometimes humorously, sometimes with a very strong message. It may take a minute to notice when hidden among the throng of boring and mundane street signs that we encounter daily, but it’s refreshing to see this type of art peppered among the parking warnings and constant commands that urban living blights your existence with. The anonymous artist behind the work, known as TrustoCorp, is showing his work at the 1988 Gallery in Los Angeles this weekend (Saturday, Oct. 23 and Sunday Oct. 24), and as we’ve been a fan of TrustoCorp’s work since we first saw it, you know we’ll be there. It’ll be interesting to see how he brings his art to a gallery setting…

via BoingBoing

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