19 Oct
Mr. Simo's unique Boom Cases

Sure everybody loves a boombox, but with so many competing high-tech brands out there it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. Mr. Simo has managed to distinguish his creations from the rest by combining a boombox with classy vintage luggage, the result being his Boom Cases. Each case features a 3.5mm input for connecting a variety of audio sources, built-in amplification, a rechargeable battery good for 7+ hours of playback, and a built-in charger that lets you plug the case in when you’re staying put for the night. Plus, it all comes wrapped up in unique, timeworn vintage luggage cases of all sizes — perfect for listening to that Carte Blanche mix or blasting some Free Energy. If you’re interested in getting one, head over to Mr. Simo’s website and make an order — expect them to cost about $250 and up.

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